Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The St Edward's University Dance Team - An Introduction

The St. Edward’s University Dance Team is a student organization that promotes school spirit and artistic development. The team began in the spring of 2008 with a group of girls who had the same vision. Each girl on the team wanted to bring something new to the university. Never before had there been a dance team under the direction of coach and the team has been developing over these last three years.

Currently, the St. Edward’s University Dance Team consists of seven members who are all very committed to the mission of the team. They practice three times a week preparing for their performances. Although you may not have seen that dance team at any recent basketball games, they are preparing for the Homecoming Pep Rally this Friday.

The Dance Team is under the direction of two captains who do their best to challenge the dancers as well as promote a fun environment. Practices usually begin with a simple warm-up and the rest of the time is spent learning and cleaning new dance routines. The dancers do a variety of different styles. The Dance Team has performed everything from hip-hop to jazz to lyrical. They spent this past summer learning from professionals at the Universal Dance Association camp at Texas State. 

Each year the team performs at Las Posadas, a festival on campus, as well as other events. Last year for community service the girls performed for a retirement home and spent some time getting to know the residents. The team also competed in the cake-decorating contest at the 125th Birthday of St. Edward's University.

The main focus of the Dance Team this year is preparing for a Spring Showcase on April 15th, 2011. Most dance teams at other universities have some major performance in the spring semester and this is the first year the Dance Team will do the same. This show is an opportunity for the girls to choreograph their own routines, perform solos, and show off to their friends and family. The girls have been working hard every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday preparing for this show. It is completely student run.

I have been a member of the Dance Team since my freshman year and have served as a captain the past two years. This student organization is a unique one because we are constantly overcoming challenges. Many girls have had to leave the team due to injuries or other conflicts. However, those who remain continue to support each other and push for a student organization has never seen before. It’s been a challenge and also a learning experience.

Not many students or faculty are aware of the dance team and I hope to promote the team through this blog.