Tuesday, August 30, 2011

2011-2012 St Edward's University Dance Team Tryouts!

The Dance Team captains are gearing up for tryouts on September 10, 2011. They will be attending the St. Edward's University Involvement Fair on September 7th to generate more interest and answer any questions.

It's going to be a great season for the team.
Lear more about tryouts here.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

St. Edward's University Dance Team Map Mashup

Learn more about the SEU Dance Team's past performances and practices!

View Performances and Practices of the SEU Dance Team in a larger map

A recent Hilltop Views article quoted Dance Team Captain Taylor Eades mentioning that not many people know St. Edward's University has a dance team.  If the St. Edward's University community doesn't know we exist, how could they ever know where we have performed and practiced on campus? 

The map above is an interactive way for fans and members of the  Dance Team to remember where they have left a mark on the St. Edward’s University community. This map also allows viewers to learn more about the performances. If a fan of the dance team missed a performance or needs to know where to find an Dance Team member, all of the information is provided.  And for the most part, these performances are annual so it’s a great way to find out where the dance team will be performing in the future.

By mapping out where the dance team has performed and practiced on campus, members of the team (fans too) can pick and choose which performances were a success and where else they should perform. An example is how the dance team has never made its way to cheer on the softball or baseball teams. The map shows where else the dance team could be performing.

The most important component of this map is that it is interactive. Because most people don’t know there is a dance team here at St. Edward’s University, they don’t know what we do. We perform, but we also volunteer and cheer on other athletic groups. The map above encompasses all of this. Users of the map are able to get an inside look at what the dance team does and where they do it. It’s one thing to read a story about our Spring Show or pep rally performance, but it’s another to click on a map, see the location, see a picture, and a description. 

SEU Dance Team Styles

This flash project is meant to offer an interactive way for users to learn more about the dance styles the Dance Team uses. The user can click on a style and learn more about the style and how the dance team uses it.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Audio slideshow

Audio Slideshow

News Package Video

The St. Edward's University Dance Team is gearing up for their first annual Spring Show in April. The Dance Team spends the majority of their practice time planning and practicing for this new fundraiser and performance opportunity. The showcase, which will be held on April 15, 2011, has been a new challenge for the team.

Captain Meg Seeger, Captain Taylor Eades, and Advisor Ann Mary Carney developed the idea for the Spring Show. They came together to pick a date, a space, and presented the idea to the members last year after tryouts.

The current team, which consists of seven members, also contributed to the development process. Since January, Sunday practices are completely dedicated to this Spring Show, however, now Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday practices are spent stretching and working on routines for the upcoming performance.

The planning process is what has taken the girls the most time. In January the seven members showed up to practice and spent two hours deciding what dances and what music they wanted to use. Team members also presented ideas for solos, ensembles, as well as choreography. Taylor Eades, Meg Seeger, Katy Seeger and Veronica Villegas are choreographing team dances for the show.

The Spring Show planning process wasn’t brutal but it required brainstorming. The first point: picking a theme. The girls didn’t want to restrict the dances they could perform by a specific theme, so after careful consideration they decided on “Dance… It’s All I Want To Do.” This quotes is from a Kylie Minogue song that the team will be using as their closer dance.

Once the theme was picked, it was time to decide what dances and styles the girls wanted to perform. In the past, the dance team has focused on hip-hop and jazz routines, but the Spring Show will be a little more creative.

The Dance Team will perform everything from a hoodie dance to a contemporary routine. After sitting in a circle for two hours and allowing each member to play song ideas from their smartphones, the team members voted on the songs they wanted to use. The Spring Show will include all types of music from Muse to Florence and the Machine.

Although the behind the scenes planning process has been essential for a successful show, it is what happens during practice that is the most important. The first step for a successful show is stretching. Stretching gets the girls ready to perform and ensures they won’t be injured during practice. Without stretching there can be no dancing.

Practice, both personally and as a team, is significant. The girls have to be ready to work individually if they’re struggling as well as with the members.

Veronica Villegas, a sophomore on the dance team, spends extra time working on leaps and turns after practice is over. She also uses extra time to work on choreography for the show.

Not matter how much work the team does during in practice; it won’t pay off unless there are costumes and advertising. Freshman Taylor Lieber is in charge of costumes this year and has been working hard to find the perfect outfits.

“It’s really exciting looking for different costumes that fit different songs and different dance styles,“ said Lieber.

Advertising is the last step the team has to conquer. The event is already up on collegiate link as well as on Facebook, but getting the word out through posters and flyers needs to be done. The girls are hoping that within the next week, St. Edward’s University students will see Spring Show flyers around campus.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The St Edward's University Dance Team - An Introduction

The St. Edward’s University Dance Team is a student organization that promotes school spirit and artistic development. The team began in the spring of 2008 with a group of girls who had the same vision. Each girl on the team wanted to bring something new to the university. Never before had there been a dance team under the direction of coach and the team has been developing over these last three years.

Currently, the St. Edward’s University Dance Team consists of seven members who are all very committed to the mission of the team. They practice three times a week preparing for their performances. Although you may not have seen that dance team at any recent basketball games, they are preparing for the Homecoming Pep Rally this Friday.

The Dance Team is under the direction of two captains who do their best to challenge the dancers as well as promote a fun environment. Practices usually begin with a simple warm-up and the rest of the time is spent learning and cleaning new dance routines. The dancers do a variety of different styles. The Dance Team has performed everything from hip-hop to jazz to lyrical. They spent this past summer learning from professionals at the Universal Dance Association camp at Texas State. 

Each year the team performs at Las Posadas, a festival on campus, as well as other events. Last year for community service the girls performed for a retirement home and spent some time getting to know the residents. The team also competed in the cake-decorating contest at the 125th Birthday of St. Edward's University.

The main focus of the Dance Team this year is preparing for a Spring Showcase on April 15th, 2011. Most dance teams at other universities have some major performance in the spring semester and this is the first year the Dance Team will do the same. This show is an opportunity for the girls to choreograph their own routines, perform solos, and show off to their friends and family. The girls have been working hard every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday preparing for this show. It is completely student run.

I have been a member of the Dance Team since my freshman year and have served as a captain the past two years. This student organization is a unique one because we are constantly overcoming challenges. Many girls have had to leave the team due to injuries or other conflicts. However, those who remain continue to support each other and push for a student organization has never seen before. It’s been a challenge and also a learning experience.

Not many students or faculty are aware of the dance team and I hope to promote the team through this blog.