Sunday, May 1, 2011

St. Edward's University Dance Team Map Mashup

Learn more about the SEU Dance Team's past performances and practices!

View Performances and Practices of the SEU Dance Team in a larger map

A recent Hilltop Views article quoted Dance Team Captain Taylor Eades mentioning that not many people know St. Edward's University has a dance team.  If the St. Edward's University community doesn't know we exist, how could they ever know where we have performed and practiced on campus? 

The map above is an interactive way for fans and members of the  Dance Team to remember where they have left a mark on the St. Edward’s University community. This map also allows viewers to learn more about the performances. If a fan of the dance team missed a performance or needs to know where to find an Dance Team member, all of the information is provided.  And for the most part, these performances are annual so it’s a great way to find out where the dance team will be performing in the future.

By mapping out where the dance team has performed and practiced on campus, members of the team (fans too) can pick and choose which performances were a success and where else they should perform. An example is how the dance team has never made its way to cheer on the softball or baseball teams. The map shows where else the dance team could be performing.

The most important component of this map is that it is interactive. Because most people don’t know there is a dance team here at St. Edward’s University, they don’t know what we do. We perform, but we also volunteer and cheer on other athletic groups. The map above encompasses all of this. Users of the map are able to get an inside look at what the dance team does and where they do it. It’s one thing to read a story about our Spring Show or pep rally performance, but it’s another to click on a map, see the location, see a picture, and a description. 

SEU Dance Team Styles

This flash project is meant to offer an interactive way for users to learn more about the dance styles the Dance Team uses. The user can click on a style and learn more about the style and how the dance team uses it.